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Tips on Choosing the Right Colors for Your Luxury Custom Closet

Tips on Choosing the Right Colors for Your Luxury Custom Closet
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Colors have a tremendous effect on our mood and the way we perceive the world around us. It is a major aspect of interior design philosophy, and that includes organization systems. At Closet POSSIBLE, we take everything into account when designing custom luxury closet organizers and carefully consider the color of the materials we use. Here are a few considerations when selecting colors for your luxury custom closet organizer:

Natural Light

The presence of natural light should inform your color decisions. Is your closet located in an area with plenty of natural light? In that case, it may be appropriate to use darker colors to avoid a “washed-out” look. Natural light will also affect your lighting choices. While every closet needs some type of lighting, you may decide to use a warmer type of lighting in spaces that feel cold or empty.

Warm Tones vs. Cool Tones

Speaking of warmth, choosing the correct tone for your closet is another important consideration. If you have warm tones in the rest of your house, you may want to choose reddish brown woods or a warm-toned material. On the other hand, many trendy, modern styles include cool grays, so matching those with cool tones in your closet will give a more cohesive feel to your overall design.

To Match Or To Contrast?

You have two options when it comes to choosing colors for your closet: match existing colors or contrast them for more visual interest. For example, if you have white walls in your closet, you may want to contrast that with a building material that is darker or more colorful. Of course, it’s not out of the question to adopt a more monotone design these days. Many homes now use white cabinetry with white walls and trim, with contrasting flooring. You may want to match your closet organizer to the color of your walls for a more modern feel.

Natural Materials

We offer a variety of wood patterns for our closet organizers that make sense for any type of décor. If you have hardwood floors, trim, or doors, you can match that material for your custom closet organizer. On the other hand, too much wood can make a space appear too rustic. If that’s the case, you can use colored materials that mimic the smooth appearance of metal or stone.

Custom Luxury Closet Organizers 

Choosing the right colors for your custom closet organizer can be a lot of fun; it can also be more complicated than you might think. If you need help with your design, the team at Closet POSSIBLE is here to help. Call us at (267) 566-3222 to schedule a consultation about your custom walk-in closets in Princeton or anywhere else in the Garden State.