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Custom Walk-In Closets

Walk-In Closets


Closet POSSIBLE is here for your walk-in closet needs. Whether you have unused space in your closet you would like to utilize, or you want to feel like you’re shopping at your favorite department store every day, we specialize in designing custom walk-in closet solutions that fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. A walk-in closet can offer functionality and style by showcasing and organizing your wardrobe. By organizing your closet, mess and clutter is minimized and you feel like you have complete control of your day. At Closet POSSIBLE, our goal is to help you understand what your options are based on the space available, and then to design a solution that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. We do this by asking questions and making suggestions. Our goal is to have an educated client who understands the possibilities their space offers, and what trade-offs may exist whether they are spatial or financial.

Custom Walk In Closet Designs

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Custom-Made Closet Systems


Your custom walk-in closet system is an investment you should enjoy for many years. This is why choosing the right design and the right company to install it is paramount!

At Closet POSSIBLE we guarantee everything we install for as long as you own it. And, if you research us online and read our reviews (nearly 200 five star and counting!), you’ll see that we take making happy clients our #1 priority!

There are three key elements that will determine 90% of the final cost of your closet. Those three elements are:

Amount of material needed

  • 14” deep shelving is the industry norm.  If you’d like shelving that is only 12” you can reduce your cost.  If you want shelving that is 18” deep, your cost just increased
  • If you collect shoes and have many (100’s!), your closet will need enough shelf space to hold all of the

Color of material selected

  • We offer four color categories
  • White – always looks clean and crisp!
  • Smooth colors – adds a touch of design to the closet!
  • Textured colors – a great way to enhance the experience!
  • Wood grain – luxury at its finest!

The number and style of drawers and doors

  • Closet POSSIBLE offers three different drawer boxes
  • A wide variety of drawer faces and door styles are available to suit your taste and budget

Another way to look at this investment is to use a real estate website like Zillow…. Look-up the value of your home….. multiply the estimated value by ½ of 1% and then multiply it by 2%. This is a range you can use as a guide. Again, your final cost will be determined mostly by the three factors listed above, but this range will also be a good guide.

Luxury Walk-In Closets


At Closet POSSIBLE, we understand the frustration that can accompany a cluttered, unorganized closet. And, just getting started on the design can seem overwhelming….especially when there are clothes all over the place! So that’s where we come in….. give us a call and let’s discuss how you would like your closet to “be different”. Then we can arrange a free in-home consultation when we can discuss your options based on the available space and your specific needs and wants. After that, we’ll create a design, and show you in 3D exactly what your closet could become.

Our closet systems are available in a wide array of colors and styles which will blend seamlessly with the rest of your home.

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