Wardrobe Closet Designs in Somerset County, NJ

Custom made wardrobe closets, or reach-in closets, are typically found in children’s bedrooms. The average wardrobe closet has a single shelf and rod that both extend the width of the closet. Organizing anything in the bottom half of the closet usually involves buying some combination of cubbies, shoe racks and containers. Because none of these items are customized, you end up with a lot of wasted space.

That’s the standard wardrobe closet. But when you customize, “standard” goes out the window. There’s no reason to compromise just because it’s not the master walk-in closet. And because a child’s bedroom doesn’t have as much space for furniture as a master, you can’t afford to sacrifice an inch.

Closet POSSIBLE designs and installs custom made wardrobe closets and custom kids closets in Mercer County, Middlesex County, Hunterdon County, Somerset County and Bucks County. A custom-made wardrobe closet keeps things organized and maximizes the space, while giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your custom kids closet isn’t just a giant mess behind closed doors.

Custom Reach-In Closets

Custom Reach-In Closet Designs

High-end bedroom closet design isn’t limited to the master walk-in. You can put multiple drawers and shelves in a reach-in closet just like you can in a walk-in closet. Wasted space and piles of clothes and toys are replaced by a neatly organized mini-dresser that’s mounted to the wall to maximize the closet’s functionality. We’ve had clients with two dressers get rid of one because the drawers we put in their closet made the second dresser unnecessary.

When kids have more space in the bedroom, they have more room to play. Instead of treating every room in your house like their own personal playroom, they can play in their own rooms. That means less mess and less noise in the rest of your house.

Keep in mind that a child’s closet can grow as they grow. You can easily fit three rods in a custom-made wardrobe closet when you’re storing clothes for babies and toddlers. As they get older, you can remove one of the rods and adjust the other two to accommodate longer clothes. You can add sliding shoe shelves, a pull-out hamper, and charging stations for their gaming systems and other gadgets.

Reach in closet

Reach-In Closets That Fit Your Needs

Whether you have an older home with small, oddly shaped reach-in closets, or a relatively new home in which the builder installed cheap, mass-produced closet systems from a discount retailer, we can design and install custom-made wardrobe closet systems that make life better. Anything is possible with Closet POSSIBLE!

We’ve all heard kids say, “I don’t have enough space.” The real problem is that they don’t have a custom-made wardrobe closet. They might not even know what an organized closet really looks like.

As much as we joke about our kids, they can have a lot on their plates, too. Between school, sports, activities, a part-time job and their social life, there’s a lot of pressure on kids. Why not relieve some stress with a closet that makes it easy to keep things organized?

Closet POSSIBLE specializes in custom bedroom closet design that helps you take full advantage of the space in the closet and the entire bedroom. And don’t forget, we also design and install walk-in closetspantry storage and so much more. Call us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation in your home or our Pennington, NJ showroom. We look forward to helping you imagine what’s possible in a custom-made wardrobe closet.

If you’re looking for a local custom closet company in New Jersey, then Closet POSSIBLE is the best place for you! Through our custom closets, we strive to facilitate closet organization within your home. We do walk-in closetscustom laundry room cabinets, and custom kitchen pantries, among other customization storage spaces in Somerset County, New Jersey!

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