Custom Offices (Home and at Work)

More and more people enjoy the flexibility to work from home. However, few have their home office organized in such a way that enables them to be comfortable and maximize productivity and efficiency.

Closet POSSIBLE designs and installs custom home office organization systems throughout Mercer County, Middlesex County, Hunterdon County, Somerset County and Bucks County. Our goal is to provide you with an environment that enables you to get more work done and be more comfortable. That means you need space that’s customized for various work activities and you as an individual.

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Home Office Design

Just about everyone needs a space for their computer, monitor, phone, printer and everyday office supplies such as pens, notepads, paper organizers and staplers. Do you also need a space for assembling and packing products for shipment? Do you need to store inventory? Would you like a dedicated space for sorting mail and preparing invoices? If you work in a heavily regulated industry or just like keeping records the old-fashioned way, you may have more paper files than electronic files.

Maybe you’d like a display of photos of your family and other mementos that give you a sense of calm and serenity on a stressful day. After all, if you work from home, you’ll probably spend at least most of your day in your home office.

Closet POSSIBLE can design a custom home office organization system based on the kind of work you need to get done each day and how you prefer to work. We also make sure your home office fits you physically.

For example, the average height of a desk is 29 inches. This might be fine for a person of average height. However, a person who’s on the tall side might have to hunch over. A person who’s a bit shorter might have to raise his or her office chair uncomfortably high. We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise comfort just because you work from home.

We can customize your desk height, or anything about your desk for that matter, to suit you as an individual. You might prefer to have drawers, shelves or a docking station on a certain side of your desk because your righthanded or lefthanded. Instead of buying freestanding risers, we can custom design a stand to keep your monitor at eye level, which helps prevent neck and back soreness.

A home office also allows you to indulge in certain luxuries that wouldn’t be available at a corporate office. We’ve designed home offices with multimedia systems, wet bars, wine refrigerators, cigar humidors and more. When it comes to a custom home office organization system, you’re the boss. Anything is possible.

Don’t sacrifice productivity and comfort when a custom home office allows you to do just the opposite. Call us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation in your home or our Pennington, NJ showroom. And don’t forget, we also design and install entertainment centersgarage storage and all types of closets. We look forward to helping you imagine what’s possible in a custom home office organization system.