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Giving Back

Giving Back to the Community

One of the main reasons why Barry Curewitz founded Closet POSSIBLE was to become part of a community, both as an individual and a business. We take our role in the community very seriously as a provider of valuable products and services, but more importantly, as a good neighbor.

Good neighbors look out for each other. We help those in need. We do this not because we expect something in return, but because that’s what good neighbors do. By working together to build stronger local communities, we make the world a better place.

Helping HomeFront Help the Homeless

Closet POSSIBLE has partnered with HomeFront, a wonderful organization based in Central New Jersey that offers a number of programs designed to help local families break the cycle of poverty.

When our customers empty their closets to prepare for installation, we’ll ask them to kindly put aside any items they no longer want, need or use. Closet POSSIBLE will gladly bring these items to HomeFront so they can be distributed to the people who need them most. We’ll also arrange for customers to receive documentation from HomeFront so they can claim a tax deduction for what they give.

Supporting Local Nonprofits

Closet POSSIBLE is committed to providing financial support to and increasing awareness of charitable organizations and worthy causes in the community. We encourage you to find out how you can support local nonprofits by volunteering your time and talent, spreading the word about events and fundraising efforts, and donating as you’re able. Since opening in 2014, Closet POSSIBLE has been proud to give to a number of nonprofits, including:

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