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Upgrade Your Kids’ Rooms With These Great Closet Customizations

Upgrade Your Kids’ Rooms With These Great Closet Customizations
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Every parent knows that keeping the kids’ room clean is a constant struggle. If you’re tired of seeing toys and clothes strewn about, the organization experts at Closet Possible can help you. With custom kids closets in Pennington, NJ for your kids’ rooms, you can make staying organized simple and fun for them. 

Here are a few ideas for kids’ rooms that can cut down on the clutter:

Built-In Laundry Hampers

Dirty clothes are one of the main sources of clutter in a kid’s room. The easier you make it for them to put away their dirty clothes, the more likely they are to actually do it. With a built-in clothes hamper in their closet, getting dirty clothes off the floor and out of sight is simple for them.

Built-In Baskets And Drawers

If scattered toys and other miscellaneous items have you seeing red, Closet Possible has a solution. We offer a range of options for built-in baskets and drawers that make the perfect storage space for toys, art supplies, sports gear, and more. Keeping those small items stored away gives any room a more organized appearance, and it helps prevent things from getting stepped on.

Adjustable Shelves

Kids love to show off their favorite possessions, and with adjustable shelving, their closet can double as an organized display case. Whether they want to display their sports trophies, collectibles, or artworks, our shelving can be adjusted to any size. Cubbies are another storage option, and they are great for storing shoes, stuffed animals, books, or anything else.

Charging Stations

If there’s one thing kids can’t do without, it’s their technology. With a charging station inside their closet, your kids won’t have to worry about their favorite devices running out of juice. Charging stations cut down on cluttered cords and keep outlets open for other uses. As a bonus, your kids might be more likely to spend time in their closet organizing if they can binge-watch TV shows while they’re in there.

Fun Colors

Every kid has their own unique personality, and they love to express that. They won’t be happy with neutral tones. At Closet Possible, we can design custom closet organizers with a wide range of colors, materials, hardware options, and more. No matter what color scheme your kid’s room has currently, we can match it or come up with a totally new design.

Your kids will also love seeing all the possibilities with our 3D Visualization Tools. When they see their actual room with a new closet organizer rendered in lifelike 3D, they will feel more involved in the project and more excited about getting organized!

Custom Closets For Kids Rooms

If you want to give your kids more motivation to stay organized, installing a custom closet organization system in their room might be exactly what they need.

Get in touch with Closet Possible today by calling (267) 566-3222, sending an email to, or filling out the online form on our contact page. We can also help you with custom organizers for any room in your house, so call us about organizers for your walk-in closet in Ewing or anywhere else nearby.

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