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Tips for Making the Most Out of a Smaller Closet

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Owning lots of clothing can make trying to optimize a smaller closet space a real challenge. From clever shelving systems and specialized hangers to ensuring that every scrap of space is being put to good use, there are plenty of clever ways to optimize the available space. Finding the best strategy for reorganizing the closet means that those who are struggling to find the space for every outfit and garment will be able to enjoy greater success for their efforts.

Streamline and Simplify

While the installation of a rack or hanger system can go a long way towards freeing up some additional space, there is still a finite volume of space to be found within a closet. Trying to cram too much into a closet can make it all but impossible to find a specific outfit or to effectively use the space available. Getting rid of unwanted clothing or finding new storage options for seasonal items and garments is often the first step for any reorganization project. Items that haven’t been worn in over a year may be better off donated in order to free up the space needed for storing and organizing everyday outfits and clothing.

Optimizing Vertical Space

A foot or more of unused space at either the bottom or top of a closet can be used in a surprising number of ways. Utilizing a box, basket or storage trunk system makes it much easier to keep loose items organized along the floor of the closet, while the installation of a shelf ensures that items can be stacked and stored all the way to the ceiling. Failing to make better use of vertical space is a common misstep, one that may leave closets that are already on the smaller side feeling even more cramped.

Finding the Right Shelving or Storage System

There are plenty of shelving and storage options that go well beyond a simple rack and dresser. Adaptable, modular shelving that fits specific items and systems can make it easier to better utilize the space and can free up room otherwise wasted on a conventional dresser or wardrobe. Investing in furniture, shelving and other types of installations that make it easier to optimize the space within a closet is one of the single most effective ways to manage clothing storage with greater ease.

Hooks, Specialized Hangers and Vacuum Packing

Simple and easy to install, hooks and other hardware options can turn the back of the closet door into useful storage space. Staggered hangers that hold multiple garments and outfits without the need for additional space are a great resource when reorganizing a small closet. Vacuum storage bags that allow for garments to fit within the smallest space possible are another great idea for those who are trying to free up a little extra space. Investing in the right hardware and storage solutions can allow those who are struggling to free up just a little more space to do so with greater ease and success.

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