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Keep Your Child’s Room Organized With A Custom Closet!

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Bringing Order to Your Child’s Chaotic Play Area

Despite your best intentions, it’s likely that your child’s toys are scattered all across their room. It isn’t due to a lack of trying to clean; there just isn’t anywhere to put all of their stuff. If you’re struggling to store your child’s toys, then you likely need a custom closet. At Closet Possible, we create custom closets that match your needs and design ideas. Here are a few ways you can use a custom closet to organize your child’s toys.

Add Shelves

One way that you can add storage to your custom closet is by having shelves installed. A series of shelves can rest against one of the walls. You can stack boxes with your child’s toys in them. You can even take the organization a step further by installing hooks on the bottom of the shelves to hang clothes, backpacks, and other items.

Whether it’s books or boxes, adding shelves is a bonus way to add storage to your custom closet.

Sized To Your Needs

An advantage of having a custom closet built for your child’s room or playroom is that you can make it as big as you need. If you want to store your child’s big toys that do not fit in a standard closet, then making the custom closet large enough to house those items may be ideal.

A custom closet means that you get to decide everything about it, including the size. The bigger a closet is, the more that it can hold.

Use Cubbies

Another way to use your custom closet to help organize your child’s room is to have cubbies installed. Label the cubbies according to the items that need to be placed within them. Not only can this help your child read, but it also ensures that their playroom stays organized.

For example, instead of allowing the crayons to get lost by being left out of their box, it’s easier just to have your child dump all of their crayons into a cubby. Whenever they want to color in the future, they can run to the appropriate cubby and find the color that they want. No longer do you have a pile of crayons laying around the floor.

Make it Fun

Aside from organization, you can also make your custom closet fun for your child. Why not add a few secret entrances into the closet, so your child can experience a sense of wonder and magic? Custom closets unlock numerous possibilities.

Order Yours Today

Before you start cleaning your child’s room, consider our custom closets today. Make organizing and cleaning their room a lot easier. Contact us!

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