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Don’t Forget The Custom Closet in Your New Home!

custom closets in a new home
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Including the Small Details

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your old one, it’s the finer details that make all the difference. Even something as simple as a small shelf above a door can add a rustic charm to a room. One detail that you shouldn’t overlook is the inclusion of a custom closet. At Closet Possible, we build custom closets for every room in the house. Having a custom closet comes with various benefits. Here are a few of them.

1. Added Space

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of custom closets in Monroe, NJ is that you’re able to get more space. Standard closets don’t always fit your needs. For many newly built homes, the closets are all pretty much the same size. And depending on the style of the home the closets may be too small for your needs.

A custom closet is built to your specifications. If you want a huge one, then you can have it. Essentially, you can have as much storage space as you need with a custom closet.

2. Increase Aesthetic Beauty

Closets can also add beauty to a room if they are customized. Regular closets can seem out of place or are just boring. They lack character. This shouldn’t be the case. Your closet should add to the aesthetic value of the room. A custom closet can do just that. Whether through the shape of the closet, the door design, or the door frame, there are many factors that can be customized to create a beautiful closet.

3. Open Space Elsewhere

Sometimes the closet that comes with the home may be in an awkward place. Or the closet may be the only thing keeping you from opening up the room. This can be avoided by removing the old closets and placing your custom closet in a new location. By choosing where the closet goes, you can utilize the old space in a different way.

This might mean that you simply make the room bigger. Or it could allow you to tear down a wall and expand the room further.

4. Tucked Away

Perhaps you may not want your closet in plain view for all to see. A custom closet can give you the option of tucking it away in a secret area. Who doesn’t like to add a bit of mystery to their home? Not only does tucking it away mean that you get more space, but you also won’t have strangers peeking into your closet as easily.

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