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Inspirational Ideas for an Organized Garage

Inspirational Ideas for an Organized Garage
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How do you use your garage? Do you park your car there, or has it become the all-purpose storage room? These days, most people’s garages are so disorganized that they can’t even fit a car in there! 

Not only does having a disorganized garage prevent you from using it for its intended purpose, but it also makes it difficult to find things when you need them. At Closet POSSIBLE, we don’t just tackle closets; we help you reclaim your garage as an organized storage space, a useful work area, and a place to park your car. Here are some inspirations from our team to help you get your garage back in shape.

Custom Garage Shelving and Racks

Often, the garage is designed as a large, open area. Without proper storage space, boxes, tools, bikes, lawnmowers, and more get piled up on the floor, making it difficult to find things and creating the potential for damage. 

With custom shelving, racks, and hooks from Closet POSSIBLE, you can find a place for everything. Wall-mounted shelving or modular shelves give you a place to put smaller items so you always know where they are. Wall-mounted racks or hooks make it simple to store awkward items like bikes, lawnmowers, and ladders so they’re out of the way but accessible when you need them. When you know where to find everything, it gives you a sense of control and a feeling of calm.

Built-in Garage Storage Cabinets

Some items need to be stored for protection against weather, pests, and dust. Our built-in cabinets allow you to protect your sensitive items from the outside world. Unlike many other built-in garage cabinets, our built-ins have a durable backing material that will keep out pests and protect against weather damage. We also install them a few inches off the floor so water and dirt can’t get seep through the bottom. 

Garage Floor Coatings

Sometimes, a garage organization project starts from the ground up. Old and new homes alike suffer from cracked, uneven, or just ugly concrete garage floors. Cracks allow water to enter and an uneven floor is a tripping hazard. You can shore up your garage’s foundation while also giving it a durable, attractive finish with Swisstrax® floor coatings from Closet POSSIBLE. Swisstrax® is a durable epoxy coating that comes in 36 different colors and flake sizes. It’s durable, easy to maintain, and doesn’t peel, so it will continue looking great for many years to come.

Custom Garage Organization in New Jersey

If your garage has become so disorganized it’s unusable, talk to the organization experts at Closet POSSIBLE right away! We will send an experienced designer to your home to go over your options for cabinetry, shelving, racks, hooks, and even floor coatings. We can even show you how your new garage will look with advanced 3D imaging. Call us today at 267-566-3222, send an email to, or fill out the online form on our contact page to discuss garage organization solutions, closet organizers, or your custom home office in Princeton, New Jersey, or anywhere nearby.