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Creating the Perfectly Designed South Asian Prayer Room in Your Home

Creating the Perfectly Designed South Asian Prayer Room in Your Home
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At Closet POSSIBLE, we have a unique understanding of Indian culture. We are proud to serve our friends and neighbors in the Indian community with a range of organizational systems and solutions tailored specifically to their cultural heritage. 

In Hindu teachings, all things in the universe belong to the Supreme Lord, including our homes. By including a prayer room in the design of our homes, we acknowledge that we are merely the earthly caretakers of this space, helping rid us of false pride and possessiveness. The prayer room is a place where everyone in the family can come and read holy scriptures, pray, sing, and meditate in peace. While most homes in India are designed to include a prayer room, American homes generally are not. At Closet POSSIBLE, we can help you incorporate a prayer room into your existing home. Here are some of the options we have available that are perfect for South Asian prayer rooms.

Creating the Spiritual Center of Your Home

Because the prayer room is a place for quiet contemplation and study, it should be located somewhere away from the hustle and bustle and facing East. We would suggest an interior room away from high-traffic areas, but that is also accessible to every member of the household. A prayer room doesn’t have to take up a lot of space, either. By emphasizing efficiency, you can include all the items you need without cutting into the space you need for other purposes.

  • Cabinets and Shelving – a simple organizer can include cabinets, shelves, and more where you can store sacred items, prayer books, and incense supplies. Some spiritual practices involve lighting lamps filled with cow’s milk ghee to purify the prayer room and your entire home. These items can be stored on shelves, which will also keep them away from anything that could potentially cause a fire.
  • Display Cases – You may also wish to include photographs and other spiritual mementos. A display case will allow you to keep them in view during prayer sessions while also protecting them from dust.
  • Clothing Hangers –  A simple clothing rack will keep your traditional Indian clothing out of the way when you are not wearing it, and also prevent wrinkles or other damage.

A Clean and Organized Prayer Room

As the caretaker of your home, you have a responsibility to keep it neat and organized. That includes your prayer room. With the range of custom organization solutions available from Closet POSSIBLE, you can make it easy to keep your prayer room neat and clean. Get in touch with the team at Closet POSSIBLE by calling (267) 566-3222, sending an email to, or by filling out the online form on our contact page. We would be happy to assist you with designs for a South Asian prayer room, custom closet organizer, or custom home office in Ewing or nearby communities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.