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How to Prepare for The Installation Process of Your Custom Closet

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If you are having a customized closet installed in your home, then you will need to prepare for the process. Don’t wait until right before the installers arrive to prepare for this remodeling project. Here are a few tips to make sure your home is ready for the installation technicians.

Tip 1: Remove Everything from the Closets

Before the technicians arrive to install the customized closet system, you should remove everything from the space. It is a good idea to move the garments, footwear and other items away from the work area to avoid any damage from debris during the process. This is also a great time to organize the items into the proper groups for hanging, folding or other types of storage.

Tip 2: Create a Pathway to the Closet

It is important for the installation technicians to have a pathway to the closet area, so you should move any furniture, electronics or other things away from the space. If the closet is in an entranceway or hallway, then you should have another way to enter and leave the area during the installation process.

Tip 3: Ventilation for the Workers

The technicians will require ventilation while working on the closet to install the clothing rods, drawers or shelves. Make sure that a home’s furnace or air conditioner is working optimally. If it’s a hot day, then using a ceiling fan or air conditioning is recommended to improve the ventilation.

Tip 4: Keeping Pets Out of the Way

It is safer for your pets if the animals are kept out of the way in another room or outside your home. Have a pet carrier or a kennel area ready for your dogs and cats while the technicians are working. If you are having multiple closets customized, then taking the animals to a boarding facility or neighbors’ home for the day is recommended.

Tip 5: Have a Design Idea

Before the customized closet materials are installed, you will have a consultation with the designer about the type of design that you want to have. You may want to have clothing rods at various heights along with shelving systems for items. The technicians will have complete design plans for the project when they arrive at your home.

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