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Getting Organized for the School Year with the Help of Closet Organizers

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As the school year begins, children of all ages need to find the best ways to stay organized. Since the school year requires a wide variety of supplies including school clothes and equipment for after-school activities, being organized is critical to ensure that items won’t get lost from lack of organization.

Closet Organizer Benefits

While there are a host of items such as bookshelves, desks, and dressers that can be ideal for helping stay organized, one of the best options is building a closet organizer. These offer parents and children a perfect tucked-away spot for many of their storage needs. Closet organizers provide shelving for books, drawers for clothing and plenty of space for special in-school and after-school equipment all in one centralized area.  When building a good closet organizer for children, there are a few essential considerations, like the age of the child, their potential storage needs for the coming years and the size of the closet.

Closet Organizers for Younger Children

For parents of younger kids, closet organizers are a perfect way to help them learn to put things back in a specific location. Each area can be labeled, so the child always knows what items belong in certain areas of their closet. Children learn from a young age how to use cubbies, shelves, desks, and lockers to organize their personal items in school. Having a closet organizer helps them apply the same principles to their space at home. Closet organizers for younger children should also be designed with their height in mind.

Additionally, closet organizers for younger kids should be designed with a focus on cubbies, shoe, toy and book shelving, hanger space, and drawers. However, for older kids, the need for shelving may be more pronounced and there may not be as much space needed for cubbies. Looking at various design plans can be very helpful before making any final decisions. Another furniture in the room is also an important factor. In general, closet organizers reduce the need for in-room storage furniture, which can help rooms be less cluttered.

Closet Organizers for Older Children

When it comes to children over the age of seven, it is recommended that they have a desk in their room for homework. This can help with organization as well and is an important place where they know they can keep all their schoolwork and necessary school supplies. This will make the closet organizer the perfect place for shoes, all-weather clothing, seasonal clothing, special in school and after school activity supplies, personal hygiene supplies, and hobby supplies. It is important to remember that older children will have a greater focus on their clothing needs, so the need for drawers and hanger space is more significant.

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