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Benefits of Surprising Someone with A Custom Kitchen Pantry for The Holidays

Custom Kitchen Pantry
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When you have been with someone for many years, it can be difficult to figure out what to get them for the holidays. If you own a home together, consider surprising them with a new custom kitchen pantry. One of the biggest complaints most homeowners have is that their storage space in the kitchen is poorly organized or inadequate in size. This can make everyday tasks more complicated to complete, and it can easily get messy. There are many benefits to getting a custom-designed kitchen pantry constructed for the holidays.

  1. More Space

When you have a kitchen pantry that is not appropriately sized or shaped, the arrangement of your food and appliances can quickly become problematic. You may find yourself having trouble finding the ingredients you need when you need them. A custom kitchen pantry in Bucks County, PA can allow you to get rid of your clutter and become more organized.

  1. Organized Shelves

When getting a kitchen pantry custom-made, you will be choosing between a walk-in pantry or a reach-in pantry. For reach-in pantries, shelving should never be more than 12 inches deep. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that deep shelving will allow them to organize better and have more space. It is not an efficient way to store your food items. The items in the back often end up getting forgotten, dusty or expiring.

When your shelves are too deep, you may also end up knocking a lot of other food items over when trying to reach items in the back. This can quickly turn into an organizational nightmare. You may also find yourself purchasing items you don’t need because you weren’t able to find those that you already had some in the back of your shelves. For better visibility and efficiency, pantry shelving should be separated and customized to meet your specific design needs.

  1. Melamine Over Wire and Door Racks

Most pantries that come with homes are made with door racks and wire shelves. These are no longer considered in-style or efficient. Today, pantry designing companies recommend melamine. Melamine pantry shelving is affordable, durable and long-lasting when installed properly.

  1. Pull-Out Shelving Options

For more functionality and ease of organization, pull-out shelves can be added to your custom kitchen pantry. However, it should be noted that this option will cost extra. Pull-out shelves can make finding what you need quicker and easier.

No matter what type of kitchen pantry you want to have installed for the holidays, it is important to choose a reputable company to work with. They will take your design ideas and needs into consideration and design a pantry for you that everyone in the home will love.