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Your custom closet. Storage solution? Or secret sanctuary?

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Master-Bedroom-Full-RoomYou’ve had a busy day. You feel frazzled. You need to unwind. You want some quality me time. You sure could use a quiet and tranquil space to relax. Does this sound familiar? Sure. We’ve all been there.

It would be nice to have a peaceful place to escape to. A secret oasis of serenity in your own home. Unfortunately, most of us do not have private spas or meditation rooms in our homes. What about the bedroom? It’s a comfortable space. But perhaps more suited for napping than unwinding. Kitchen? Too much temptation. Might lead to stress eating. Living room? Not exactly the spa-like space you’re looking for. Bathroom? Not quite. Basement? Garage? Not even close!

Well, there is an overlooked space many of us already have in our homes that can be transformed into just the sanctuary you are seeking: your bedroom closet. That’s right. Your closet!

With a customized closet, you can personalize the space to reflect exactly what you want in a retreat. The best part is, you can decorate the space specifically to suit your relaxation needs. No requirement to match any particular décor style or the rest of the home. For example, if you’d like to have a Zen-like atmosphere you could use a lot of natural wood textures with simple and minimalistic accents; for a spa vibe, you could incorporate soothing tones and warm lighting; for a cozy retreat, a soft rug and furnishings, along with warm wood tones and colors could set just the right mood.

But closets are for storage, you might be thinking, not for rest and relaxation experiences. Of course, you certainly do want your closets to optimally function to provide storage for your personal belongings. And this is really the point. Your closet holds your most personal items. There may be no space in your home that is more personal, more intimately reflective of you as an individual, than your closet.

We tend to just put things into closets and shut them away behind doors without considering what our personal items and personal spaces really mean to us.

We could instead start to think of our closets as the most personally meaningful spaces in our homes, reflecting who we are, and sometimes who we have been and who we hope to become. With this in mind, customizing this most intimate space could help you create a true haven that is reflective of your unique personal aspirations and lifestyle.

Having a clean and orderly closet helps reduce stress when getting ready on busy mornings and can also help with unwinding after a long day. This alone can set a soothing and relaxing ambiance in your home. But with your personal touches, a well-organized closet can become so much more than a tranquil storage repository.

Some custom closet customers have reported using their closets as a quiet place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine in peace. One client installed a chaise and lamp to create a serene reading nook in their closet. Other closets perform double-duty as meditation rooms. Many clients report being able to relax more deeply and even think more clearly in their closets. Even if there is no specific alternate function, clients who understand that a closet can be transformed into a sanctuary have expressed that the closet has become the most peaceful place in the house and even their most favorite place in their entire home!

So, yes, by all means clean up and organize your closets to reduce chaos and set a tone of order and tranquility in your home. But don’t stop there! Let your imagination explore the possibilities of your closet space and how it could become your most favorite place in your home!