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Why You Should Install a Custom Armoire with Closet POSSIBLE

Do you ever find yourself in need of storage that you simply don’t have? We have customers who get in contact with us all the time who have this very problem. At Closet POSSIBLE, we have the storage solutions that you need to declutter your life by organizing your shoes, clothes, accessories, and just about anything else!

When people contact us saying that they don’t have enough storage in their closet or current storage space, we often find ourselves suggesting our armoires. Not only do these structures create space in places where it never existed, but they also look sleek and appealing. When you contact us to design and build your armoire, we’ll customize it to your liking, making sure that the look we deliver to you is the one that matches your home, your style, and the room in which we are installing it.

Curious about Closet POSSIBLE’s armoires? Here’s a little more information about our custom-made storage solutions.

We Don’t Limit You

When we say custom-made, we mean it. Have an idea for the space that you want your new armoire to fit into? We’ll come to your home, take some measurements, and come up with a design that fits the area that you’ve designated. Even if you have angled walls, dormers, or protruding soffits, we can build an armoire to your liking.

We Make What You Want

Do you have an idea for what you want your new armoire to be used for? Many people say that they need an armoire for the extras — a tie or belt bar, jewelry storage, or even a baby-changing station. You let us know what your vision is for your custom armoire and we’ll work with our expert design team to create a piece of furniture that fits your wants and your needs.

Crafted to Your Liking

When we build your armoire, we adhere to the same standards that we do for all of our storage solutions. We assemble your piece with ¾ inch engineered wood with industry-leading melamine, and edge branding that’s double the thickness of what is required. With our standards in mind, you get to choose the color and design that you like. No matter what you decide to customize, the final product will always be high-quality. In fact, we guarantee it!

Not sure if you can trust our quality? We stand behind our products, guaranteeing them for as long as you own your home.

Here’s a recap video we made covering the information in this blog:

Choose Closet POSSIBLE when you’re looking for a quick and stylish way to create more space in your home. Our storage solutions are top-notch, receiving numerous awards from companies like Home Advisor and Angie’s List. Interested in what we can do for your home? Fill out a contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.