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Spring Is in the Air: Time to Clean Out the Old & Bring in the New

There’s nothing like the scent of fresh spring air — and the feeling of warmer weather just out of reach is indescribable. There’s something about springtime that motivates people to break out their rubber gloves and an assortment of household cleaning supplies to tackle the buildup of mess throughout the house.

One area that seems to get a lot of attention is the bedroom closet. The start of spring is the perfect time to reflect on all of the things you have, and weigh it against the things you need. Whether you need a custom walk-in closet in Bucks County, Mercer County, or the surrounding areas, ClosetPOSSIBLE can help install the perfect spring clean solution.

Building a closet is not standard for everyone. The truth is, we take many factors into consideration when customizing a closet for our clients to cater to their needs and lifestyle. The problem is that most people have trouble maintaining organization within their standard closet units, which is where we come in! Before you gift yourself with a customized organizational system, here are a few tips for cleaning your closet this spring:

Shift & Organize Seasonal Clothing
While this task might seem time-consuming, it’s an important one. Cold mornings make it difficult to get out of bed, but in the spring, getting dressed at sunrise is exciting! When spring arrives, there’s no need to exhibit heavy coats and other winter apparel throughout your closet. Determine which pieces can be stored away until the cold season returns. This will allow you to make room for your spring wardrobe.

Clean Out Your Closet by Section
Cleaning out your bedroom can be quite a daunting task, especially when you have a considerable amount of clothing. When cleaning, there’s no need to empty your entire closet altogether — instead, clean out your closet by sections.

Donate Clothing You No Longer Wear
Purge your closet and free it of items you no longer wear. An easy way to do this is to review one article of clothing at a time — when was the last time you wore it? Do you even still like it? Does it fit? Considering these questions will help make your spring cleaning process much easier.

Efficiently Organize Clothing in Your New Custom Closet
After much time and effort, you’re left with clothing and accessories you wear and love — and you’re pleased with the turnout! All that’s left to do is implement and stick to a strategic organizational plan to ensure your closet remains tidy. A great way to do this is to group your clothing. This is especially helpful during the spring so you can easily find and access specific outfits. Group items by sleeve length, color, and type of clothing. What once was a frequent chaotic routine is now a stress-free morning experience!

Once you’ve completed your spring cleaning, get ready to organize your clothing with your new custom walk-in closet in Hunterdon County, NJ — now 40% off all selections! Contact us at 267-566-3222 to schedule an appointment to view our showroom today!