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How To Share A Closet And Maximize Your Storage

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Rahda-Sari-RackWhether you’ve just moved in with your partner or have been cohabiting for many years, home storage wars are a very real problem. Frankly, if you’re ever going to win that battle against the closet, it’s imperative that you learn to work together rather than against each other. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Here are five simple ways to maximize your storage and share a closet in style.

#1. Buy Slim Hangers

Trying to squeeze two collections of clothes into one closet is hard enough at the best of times, but you’ll make things infinitely harder if you make poor hanger choices. Opting for slim clothes hangers can significantly increase how many clothes can be stored. Meanwhile, cascading hangers that combine three items in one can triple the possibilities. This will instantly make it seem as though the internal area has been multiplied, thus making your hopes of maximizing the storage far greater.

#2. Share Some of The Space

While the concept of having sides may work, for the most part, this needn’t be a regimented strategy. If you have a belt rack, for example, it makes sense for both of you to utilize this space. This prevents the need for dedicating two areas to a task that could be satisfied by one. Shoe racks are another common feature, and you could also consider both hanging trousers on the low bar. As long as you both remain organized, this should not lead to any major problems.

#3. Lose the Dead Space

If your walk-in closet has a current layout that results in dead space, you should look to overcome this problem ASAP. Perhaps the most effective solution is to install pull out draws. However, there are several alternative solutions to consider including shoe racks that hang over the door. Alternatively, hooks can be added to those internal areas, while adding a shelf to host storage boxes can work wonders too. With a little creative thinking, there’s nothing to stop you from making your space work harder.

#4. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

You can use this opportunity to declutter and sell any unwanted clothes that you either don’t wear or that no longer fit. Given that we can easily grow sentimental to outfits, it’s probably best to let your partner pick out the items you no longer wear. If you use your closet for additional items like paperwork, you could consider going paperless to instantly free up extra space that will make the closet feel bigger.

#5. Think Outside the Closet

While it’s great to maximize the possibilities from inside the closet, you must not ignore additional storage space within the home. Storing some of your clothes in hidden cupboards under the stairs or in hallway alcoves may not be traditional. Still, if it can help you overcome clutter, it’s a step worth taking. The standard approach won’t always be the best method, which is why you need to find a strategy that works for you. On a similar note, storage boxes can be turned into décor.

A home with its storage under control is a happy home. If that doesn’t inspire you to embrace the above changes what will?