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Custom Closets Aren’t Just for The Bedroom

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Fewer things can improve the flow of your day more than a clean and organized environment. There’s no denying that. One of the best ways to make that happen is with a custom closet or storage system. But what you might not realize is that this doesn’t just mean bedroom closets.

A customized storage solution can improve daily activity in everything from the kitchen to the workplace. Smart, streamlined storage will, quite literally, open up your space for greater efficiency. Consider the following examples:

Kitchen Pantries

You are what you eat, and the key to better living is healthy and delicious foods. But we’re expected to store these foods in standard pantries. These, more times than not, are nothing more than small closets with shelves. How often are meal ideas forgotten or ingredients once thought missing turn up hidden in the back of a shelf?

None of this would be a problem with a custom pantry in Bucks County. Built with your grocery habits in mind, a custom-built pantry system would both maximize the space available to you while also making everything you use easy to reach and easy to find.

The Garage

When dirty work needs to be done, it’s not done inside. It’s done in the garage. From woodworking to automobile maintenance and repair, plenty of tool-centric tasks are done in this space. But just because this is a rough workspace, it doesn’t have to look rough. Instead of rummaging through metal cabinets and unorganized toolboxes, consider a custom garage organization system. Find the tools and equipment you need without the fuss. And don’t worry, we consider environmental factors like leaves, pests, and rain/snow when designing the system.

The Office

Custom storage spaces aren’t purely a personal benefit, either. They have tremendous potential in professional environments. These places, whether at work or in a home office, require a very particular set of features. They must hold a great deal of information and documentation while still having a pleasing visual design. We take it yet another step further as well. We have a special eye for maximizing comfort in these workspaces, modifying desks, stands, chairs and more to work with your height. Small considerations like this can reduce back and neck discomfort, keeping you comfortable while you get work done.

The ideas don’t stop there. There are also laundry rooms and entertainment centers, to name a few more. There are plenty of ways that a custom organization system might make a dramatic improvement in your life. We can help you find out how.