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If you walk into the average kitchen pantry, you’ll find a bunch of open wire shelves. Similar types of products are grouped together, but there are no dividers to keep different groups separate. Cans, boxes, bottles and other containers tip over because of the space between the wires, which can be dangerous. Food often goes to waste because it’s hidden.

Don’t you deserve better? After all, the convenience and organization of custom kitchen pantries aren’t reserved for gourmet chefs and foodies.

Closet POSSIBLE designs and installs custom pantries in Mercer County, Middlesex County, Hunterdon County, Somerset County and Bucks County. When you customize your pantry, there’s no “standard.” Your pantry will be designed and installed according to your lifestyle and preferences.

Let’s talk about what’s possible in a custom kitchen pantry. The options for a custom kitchen pantry are no different than those available for a custom walk-in closet system. Open, closed and sliding shelves. Doors and drawers. Baskets and cubbies. More than 30 colors and plenty of hardware options. With a custom pantry, every item has a home based on how often you need it, who needs to access it, and how heavy it is.

We’ve designed custom kitchen pantries with bread drawers, baskets for onions and potatoes, shelving for large quantities of rice, custom organizers for spices, and closed cabinets for dish towels, paper towels, napkins, trash bags, etc. We’ve also created solutions that allow kids to safely access single serve snacks, like fruit, granola bars, and pretzels. For example, a slide-out basket that’s reachable for a child can be used to store these snacks without knocking over or breaking other neatly organized items.

A custom kitchen pantry is the perfect place to store small appliances and kitchen tools that aren’t use frequently but often take up counter or cupboard space. If these appliances and tools are stored in the pantry, they tend to be underused because digging them out from deep in the pantry is such a chore. Slow cookers, electric mixers, bread makers, electric knives, and large coffee urns can go in the pantry – as long as the pantry is designed to optimize the space.

We’ve also found that most people are relieved to get everything off the floor. Even if the items in your pantry are securely packaged or sealed and you keep your floors very clean, nobody wants dust kicking up around their food. We can design custom kitchen pantries with bottom shelves that are just a few inches off the ground to prevent food, ingredients, beverages, small appliances and cooking tools from touching the floor.

Don’t be intimidated by the process of designing and installing a custom kitchen pantry. With Closet POSSIBLE, you always have access to the owner of the company, and you’ll get the same high-quality products offered by corporate franchises from California, but without the inflated corporate price tag.

Whether you’re ready to channel your inner gourmet chef or you just want to get organized, a custom-made kitchen pantry can help. And don’t forget, we also build walk-in closet organizers, wardrobe shelving and much more. Call us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation in your home or our Pennington, NJ showroom. We look forward to helping you imagine what’s possible.

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