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Sari-with-Woman_FBCloset POSSIBLE is proud to serve our neighbors and friends in the Indian community with custom-made closets and organization systems. We’ve been honored to gain unique insights into Indian culture and develop custom organization solutions for different areas of the home.

In master walk-in closets, many of our clients have struggled to effectively store their garments. Saris, salwar kameez, lehenga, sherwani, kurtas and other types of clothing are beautiful and often expensive. They can also be difficult to manage and organize in a way that maintains their beauty. We’ve created a number of custom hanging systems to overcome this challenge.

We’ve also designed innovative systems for organizing and displaying bangle bracelets and purses that are often worn for special events. For example, we’ve installed removable closet rods in drawers for bangle bracelets, as well as custom-made purse cabinets with glass doors to keep purses both visible and dust-free.

Because shoes are often kept downstairs rather than in bedroom closets, we’ve designed and installed custom shoe cabinets with slide-out drawers for different rooms in the home. We’ve also created solutions for prayer rooms, or pujas, including cabinets for storing and displaying religious items.

Closet POSSIBLE specializes in custom-made kitchen pantries that allow space for plenty of spices, oils, beans and rice. We can design custom pantry systems that allow for large quantities of these and other items to be neatly organized and easily accessed. Bottom shelves are installed a few inches above the floor to keep all foods and ingredients away from the floor.

In addition to our experience designing and installing custom closets and home organization systems for Indian families in Mercer County, Middlesex County, Hunterdon County, Somerset County and Bucks County, we offer the same products as the company from California at a 30%-40% lower cost.

These are just a few ways we’ve helped clients in the Indian community. Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation in your home or our Pennington, NJ showroom. We look forward to helping you imagine what’s possible.

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