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Five Reasons Why Every Married Couple Needs Their Own Custom Closets

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When partners get married, a significant degree of each individual’s property becomes mutual assets. However, this is not typically the case when it comes to clothing. As professional custom closet makers in NJ, we have seen many reasons why married couples benefit from their own custom closets. Here are the top five.

Sharing Space Can Be Challenging

Even committed partners who are willing to share need their own space for certain things. This is especially true when it comes to clothes. An individual’s clothes represent their own identity, and some people might feel that sharing that space is an intrusion of privacy.

Diminished Clutter

When two people are forced to share the same closet space, the space in question stands at an increased risk of becoming cluttered. Clutter often leads to disorganization and disorganized spaces can lead to frustration. For example, if one spouse cannot find certain articles, they may become annoyed, which could lead to unnecessary arguments.

Different Organizational Preferences

Married partners could have completely different organizational preferences. For example, one partner might practice exceptional neatness and meticulously fold or hang various articles. However, the other partner might be the type of person that does not adhere to tidiness and tosses all of their clothes into a huge pile. Separate spaces enable each individual to engage in their organizational preferences without offending their spouse.

Less Annoyance From Little Quirks

Many people possess their fair share of “little quirks,” which are minor habits that others might not practice or understand. For example, one spouse might like to store shoes in one corner of a closet, while the other might like to keep sweaters on the top shelf. Though such habits might seem minor, if one spouse forgets to respect said quirk, questions or criticizes it, needless arguments might ensue. Therefore, separate closets enable each spouse to practice their quirks without offending the other party.

Closet Space Is Often Lacking

Unless the married couple in question resides in a penthouse or mansion, chances are closet space is likely to become an issue. This is especially true as time progresses and each partner accumulates more clothing, shoes and any other items they keep in said storage areas. Custom closets solve the problem of limited space.

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